MICMS 8th GradeTrip - Key West

MBI Would like to say thank you to the Marco Island Charter Middle School for a great drive to Key West for their annual 8th grade trip. See you next year!

10 Reasons to take a Motorcoach

If you want to experience the excitement of its cities; feel the glory of its landscape; share the warmth of America's communities, it can't be done from 30,000 feet. You should be traveling by luxury motorcoach. The full list can be found on the UMA website.

  • 1. We do the driving. You're free of the hassles of traffic, road maps, parking and backseat drivers. You're finally free of distractions and responsibilities; free enough to enjoy the travel while a professional driver handles the wheel.
  • 2. You can see the sights. What good is it to drive through the scenic mountains and deserts and villages of the Nation if your entire field of view is a broken white line or the bumper ahead? In a motorcoach, your own panoramic window is a magic carpet.
  • 3. Sleep if you'd like. Today's luxury motorcoach provides you with stylish and comfortable recliner seats. This is what luxury travel used to be like.