Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrooms on your buses?

Each of our buses are equipped with one restroom on board.

Can I bring food on the bus?

We try to keep very clean buses for the comfort of our passengers; we ask that you group does not eat on the bus.

Can we eat on the bus?

Yes. Food and beverages are permitted with a food & beverage deposit.

Can we put two small children in one seat?

No, we allow only one person per seat.

Do you allow alcohol on the buses?

Yes, but no glass containers or bottles.

Do you provide movies?

No, but we are happy to play your DVDs

Do you provide transportation to individuals?

No. Only if you are willing to charter the entire bus. Please contact Greyhound bus line at 1-800-231-2222  or visit their website.

Do your busses have seat belts?

MBI buses are compliant with all safety regulations. Seat belts are not required in for commercial motorcoaches at this time.

How many people can a bus hold?

Our buses each seat 55 passengers.

Who do I contact for Dolphin Express?